Firsthand Hydrating Shampoo 300ml

Firsthand Hydrating Shampoo 300ml

Shampoos to remove greasy dirt from hair


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    Shampoos are designed to remove greasy dirt from the hair. Unfortunately, the soaps found in shampoos can sometimes be too vigorous and active, removing too much natural oil from the hands and scalp. When this happens, the hair can appear frizzy and dry, and in extreme cases it can lead to hair damage. Firsthand has specially formulated this shampoo to be just enough in balance to gently remove dirt and soul, but not so strong to remove excess oil from the hair. This is the key to creating a moisturizing shampoo. The formula also adds natural oils and fatty compounds back into the hair and scalp. These oils are quickly absorbed and mimic the molecular structure of natural hair oil. This helps ensure that any loss of natural oil in the soap is replaced by other soap ingredients. In addition, moisturizing ingredients have been added to this formula.

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