DAVID MALLETT Refreshing Water Fresh-Eau De Concombre 150ml

Refreshing and moisturizing face and hair water Fresh-Eau De Concombre


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With soothing and hydrating organic cucumber as its active ingredient, David Mallett FRESH Eau de Concombre promotes healthy hair and skin. Ideal for freshening up your mornings and refreshing throughout your travels, this cooling mist leaves hair hydrated and bouncy and skin feeling silky smooth.
Key ingredients:
– Organic Cucumber: Moisturizes and soothes face and hair.
– Hyaluronic acid: instantly hydrates the face and hair. Thickens hair and reduces breakage.
– Biopolysaccharide: high in antioxidants, creates a protective shield.
How to use: Shake the spray to activate its ingredients. Close your eyes and spray Fresh Eau de Concombre directly onto face and hair to deliver instant energy and moisture.

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