[comfort zone] Tranquillity™ Roll-On 8ml

Delicate aroma with enveloping floral notes in gift packaging


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Tranquility™ Roll-on, a delicate aroma with enveloping floral notes. An olfactory sign [comfort zone] that will always be with you, in your purse, on the road or in the office.
The iconic fragrance [comfort zone] in a new convenient format. A unique aromatherapy blend of 6 essential oils, specially formulated and clinically tested to provide positive benefits to the body and mind. Aromatic notes are captured by olfactory receptors and affect the limbic system of the brain, stimulating the production of signaling molecules.

Result: relaxation, anti-stress, complete rest. The exquisite exclusive composition can be used as a perfume throughout the day to provide a complete feeling of well-being.

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