Alter Ego Volume Spritz Infusion 150ml

Alter Ego Volume Spritz Infusion 150ml

Volumizing texturizing hair spray


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    Alter Ego Italy Volume Spritz Infusion texturizing spray with volume effect adds body and texture to the hair. Provides volume from the roots. The hair is elastic, strong and soft along the length and to the very ends. Enriched with cotton & bamboo extracts. Contains 97% ingredients of natural origin. Contains URBAN SHIELD protection technology.
    The VOLUME volumizing series is specially designed for thin, lifeless hair that needs special care.
    The formulas are silicone-free and rich in ingredients of natural origin that are able to create long-lasting volume and a feeling of lightness, while at the same time providing bounce, nourishment and shine to the hair. All formulas are designed WITHOUT CONTENT OF sulphates, parabens and paraffins in order to have the most gentle effect on the structure and cosmetic color of the hair.
    Active Ingredients:
    * TECHNOLOGY URBAN SHIELD – Creates a protective film on the hair, which prevents the effects of external aggressive factors, slows down the process of washing out the cosmetic color.
    * COTTON OIL – It has moisturizing, nourishing and regenerating properties. Thickens and strengthens.
    * BAMBOO – Provides a softening and conditioning effect on the surface of the hair. Gives hair volume, elasticity and shine.
    How to use: Apply lotion to clean, damp hair, do not rinse, style as desired.

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