Menard Jupier Longlash Mascara #02

A lash-thickening mascara with an effective anti-caking formula.



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Menard Jupier Volume Mascara 02 – Mascara for thickening eyelashes with an effective formula that prevents creasing. Mascara not only nourishes thick and healthy eyelashes, but also helps to curl them naturally, beautifully and attractively.
Menard Jupier Mascara is made from rambutan and ginseng seeds and has a dual peach texture. Nourishes eyelashes making them thick and healthy, and also provides effective anti-drift.
TESTED BY ophthalmologist

Use the brush attachment to gently comb your hair in a zigzag direction.
Tip: Use with Menard Eyelash Clips for naturally curled, thick lashes.

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