YESforLOV Rejouissance Eau De Parfum Paris for Men 100ml

YESforLOV Rejouissance Eau De Parfum Paris for Men 100ml

Perfumery water-aphrodisiac for men


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    Eau de parfum aphrodisiac for men signed YESforLOV! This heavenly fragrance heightens attraction with its floral notes while being sensual, delightful and modern at the same time.
    This spicy fragrance is dedicated to all men who love to experience incredible sensations. For those who love to seduce, vibrate and pulsate in total sophistication, elegance and prestige.
    It produces irresistible notes of bergamot, saffron and cumin to awaken erotic passion and make love sensual. Its fragrance gradually evolves into a masculine melody dancing around amber woods and intense spices that are softened by notes of dried fruits, dates, vanilla and patchouli.
    Explore new ways to enjoy your sexual sensuality; Spray your neck, shirt and wrists with Rejouissance Fragrance for Men so you can ignite seductive teasing and let this aphrodisiac fragrance work its magic.
    This rare essence is an invitation to the art of love through voluptuousness and erotic beauty. Packed in a matte black bottle, let this mens cologne evoke sexual sensuality with every gentle touch and romantic kiss.

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