Wahl PRO Professional Hair Clipper for Animals KM Cordless 1262-0471

Professional cordless animal clipper WAHL PRO KM Cordless 1262-0471 (cordless, in a case)


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The WAHL PRO KM Cordless 1262-0471 is specially designed and designed for cutting animal hair. The device stands out for its brushless motor with a lithium-ion battery and the ability to cut without a cord.
Two working speeds.
The extremely durable hair clipper has a built-in 2 speed brushless motor. You can choose from 3000 rpm. and more powerful 3700 rpm. speed. The speed control function allows you to increase power and torque where you need it most.
Lithium-ion battery with long service life, guarantees 2 hours of continuous operation with the machine after it is fully charged. It takes 60 minutes to fully charge the battery. The extremely useful Quick Charge function allows you to quickly charge and still use the machine, for example, after charging the machine for 10 minutes, you can cut with it for 15 minutes.
The WAHL PRO KM Cordless 1262-0471 pet clipper has been designed, ergonomically and balanced for an extremely comfortable clipping experience. Working with this machine will not tire your hands, it will be fast and convenient.
With this functional clipper you will be able to shear dogs, cats, horses and cattle. The machine is suitable for cutting thick, matted and coarse hair.
Distinctive features of the hair clipper:
• Brushless motor.
• Suitable for grooming dogs, cats, horses and cattle.
• Cuts off thick, matted and rough hair.
• 2 speeds: 3000 or 3700 rpm.
• Silent operation.
• Full charge: 2 hours.
• Charging time: 1 hour.
• Lithium-ion battery.
• Engine hours: 10,000 hours.
• Works with or without cord.
• Weight: 460 g.
Included: case, another additional, narrower blade – WAHP02358-516, oil for lubrication, charger, brush, instructions.

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