Wahl PRO Professional Hair Clipper for Animals Creativa Euro WAHP1876-0480 Pink

Professional animal clipper WAHL PRO Creativa Euro WAHP1876-0480 (pink color)



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The cordless clipper WAHL PRO Creativa Euro WAHP1876-0480 is specially designed for clipping animals. The device is extremely light, professional quality and has a powerful battery that will allow you to work continuously for up to 75 minutes.
With a high quality DC motor, this professional clipper is loved by every groomer. The engine develops high speeds of 5300 rpm. speed and guarantees a perfect haircut even in the most difficult cases.
The long life lithium-ion battery provides 75 minutes of continuous operation with the machine after it is fully charged. It takes 50 minutes to fully charge the battery. The battery does not have a memory function, so it will last longer and its charge capacity will not decrease over time.
You can change the high quality German blades of this professional clipper very quickly and easily. This is guaranteed by the Quick-change system.
With the WAHL PRO machine Creativa Euro WAHP1876-0480 you will be able to obtain a precise contour. This extremely precise device can cut very close to the skin in total safety. Cutting from 0.7 mm to 3 mm in length.
Unique Features of Animal Clipper:
• DC motor: 5300 rpm.
• Cut length: 0.7 mm – 3 mm.
• Voltage: 100-240V, 50-60Hz.
• Blade width: 46 mm.
• Operation at full charge: 75 min.
• Li-ion battery x 2 pcs.
• Wireless connection.
• Weight: 280 g.
• Dimensions: 178 x 46 x 50 mm.
• LED charging indicator.
• Designed for: animals.

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