The Skin House Marine Bounce Sleeping Pack 100ml

The Skin House Marine Bounce Sleeping Pack 100ml

Overnight mask with marine collagen


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The Marine Collagen Night Mask is suitable for all skin types and lasts 6-8 hours while we sleep. Sleep is the time our body uses to rest and recover. It is during this period that night masks are intended for deep action in all layers of the skin. Nutrient components from the masks penetrate the skin at night and deeper and are absorbed faster by it. The mask contains marine collagen, seaweed extracts that help restore skin elasticity, smoothness and give a healthy glow. Marine collagen is closest in composition to the collagen contained in human epithelial cells. Due to these amazing properties, marine collagen is the best for human skin to perceive. An additional influx of collagen into the skin cells helps it remain elastic, elastic, silky longer, maintains tone, and strengthens skin turgor. The night mask is easy to use and helps to retain moisture in the cells. Pearl extract adds radiance to the skin.
How to use: After washing and applying toner, apply a mask with collagen, 5-10 minutes before bedtime, spread evenly. Wash your face with cool water in the morning. The night mask is used 1-2-3 times a week, applied after the main care (tonic-serum-emulsion-cream). Suitable for all skin types.

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