Swiss Smile Nuance Nude Two Toothbrush Set Basel 2pcs

Unique ultra-soft Swiss Smile toothbrushes.


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    Swiss Smile follows fashion trends and takes to the catwalk with a new limited edition ultra-soft toothbrush collection inspired by the latest cultural events in the fashion world. The modern classic Nude has its origins in a clean and delicate palette of cherry blossoms and the finest porcelain that are found in the impeccably elegant design of the ultra-soft toothbrushes. Swiss Smiles unique ultra-soft toothbrushes have nine times as many bristles, making them much thinner and denser than their conventional counterparts. Curens rounded patented bristles absorb less water, resulting in a brush that lasts longer, and effectively removes plaque from the surface of the teeth while cleansing and gently massaging the gums.

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