SEYSSO Carbon Range Sonic Toothbrush (White)

Electric toothbrush (white)


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    This toothbrush has been developed in collaboration with European dentists. Thanks to this, you will take care of the hygiene of the entire oral cavity even more carefully than before. Due to its accuracy, this model is one of the most popular sonic toothbrushes available in the oral hygiene market.
    The SEYSSO BASIC brush combines modern technology with gentle classics and an elegant look. This will restore the natural whiteness of the teeth.
    This model – has three operating modes! As a result, each user can perfectly adjust the brush speed to suit their needs:
    1. SOFT mode (which operates at 62,000 sonic vibrations per minute), which is an extremely gentle mode adapted especially for people with gum disease, for children, as well as for people who have the opportunity to use a sonic toothbrush for the first time – in order to be able to slowly get used to this technology
    2. CLEAN mode (here the speed reaches 82,000 sound vibrations per minute) – a mode for everyday brushing of teeth for everyone. Thanks to this speed, both the entire surface of our teeth and all the spaces between them, as well as the gum line, are thoroughly cleaned.
    3. MASSAGE mode (like the SOFT mode, this mode also operates at a speed of 62,000 sound vibrations per minute) – this mode is ideal for massaging the gums. Thanks to this, we will improve the blood supply to the gums, which will make them healthier and more beautiful.
    The brush provides a very thorough and at the same time gentle removal of plaque, discoloration and bacterial plaque from the surface of the teeth, and thanks to the choice of speed, both adults and children can enjoy it – even children can use it. the whole family!

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