R+Co Outer Spacel Flexible Hairspray 315ml

Elastic hairspray for quick hair styling


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    R+Co Outer Space Flexible Hairspray 280.95 ml – Flexible hairspray is very convenient for quickly giving a special, elastic shape to your hairstyle or quickly changing it.
    OUTER SPACE products are used by hairdressers in photo and film studios to create hairstyles. The tool has a “memory”. You can use it for curls, ponytails and over and over throughout the day.
    Does not weigh down or stick hair together. The polymer mixture makes the hair voluminous, gives the hairstyle stability and protects from heat. Vitamin B5 nourishes, giving volume and elasticity.

    Pink Eyes, Bergamot, Wild Figure, Cyclamen, Lotus Color, Cedar Bean, Tonka

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