PM Pax Moly Jeju 100 Tangerine Soothing Gel 300g

PM Pax Moly Jeju 100 Tangerine Soothing Gel 300g

Universal gel with mandarin extract


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Formulated with mandarin orange and natural extracts, this weightless gel formula delivers intense hydration to leave skin feeling fresh, smooth and youthful. For complete hydration, it mixes perfectly with other cosmetic products. This clear gel product is ideal for full body application including face, arms, legs and hair. The soothing gel with mandarin extract is instantly absorbed into the skin, leaving it supple, vibrant and hydrated without oil residue. In addition, you can use it in combination with other cosmetic products to enhance the moisturizing effect.
How to use: At the last stage of skin care, apply as needed to the face, massage lightly so that the gel is absorbed into the skin. It is recommended to use twice a week as a body moisturizer. Precautions: Ideally use the product within 6 months of opening. Do not store in a hot or cold place. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight. Recommended storage temperature is 10 to 30 C.

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