OSOM Professional Hair Dryer Red OSOMHL906HD (1600W)

Professional hair dryer, red


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Osom Professional OSOMHL9HD hair dryer with intelligent thermostatic water ion technology will help you dry your hair quickly and efficiently. The dryer stands out for its special ergonomics due to the motor integrated in the handle. The air flow is drawn through the bottom of the handle, thus minimizing dust entrainment into the motor and ensuring its durability.
Smart thermostatic water ion technology.
It is a new generation operating principle that helps to dry wet hair very quickly and safely without damaging the hair structure. During operation, the device collects water microparticles from the environment and automatically generates water ions. Due to the effect of water ions, the hair does not become electrified, less frizzy and does not dry out during drying. And damaged and frizzy hair becomes smooth and shiny.
Multifunctional air flow.
This extremely powerful device features 1600W of power and air pressure multifunction technology. By selecting the multi-function air flow, hot air dries the hair, while cold air blown at the same time cools the hair. This way the hair is protected from heat and burning. The dryer features an automatic hot and cold air mode, forming a double flow of cold and hot air. Gusts of different air currents massage the scalp and stimulate blood circulation. The multifunctional cold-hot air stream changes every 5 seconds, thus less damage to the hair cuticle, and the hair does not dry out.
Unique features of the device.
The dryer has three air flow speeds, 3 different temperature setting modes and conveniently interchangeable magnetic nozzles, narrow concentration and diffusion nozzles.
Stylish design, elegant and functional hair dryer is intended for professional use, but can also be used at home.
Does not tire the wrist.
Thanks to the powerful BLDC motor dryer built into the handle, the weight on the wrist is almost imperceptible, and you can enjoy beautifully groomed hair.
Replaceable magnetic tips.
In the set you will find 2 nozzles – concentration and diffusion. Use a concentration nozzle to concentrate the air flow to a specific location. Use the diffuser nozzle to spread the airflow widely. The nozzles rotate 360°.
Cold air function.
Press the cold air button and activate this function, which is indispensable for capturing the finished hairstyle.
3 airflow speed modes:
• Low speed – for weaker, more fragile hair.
• Medium speed – for medium, normal hair.
• High speed – for thick, coarse, resistant hair.
3 temperature modes:
• Low – for gentle drying.
• Medium – for normal drying.
• High – for quick drying, shaping.
Technical characteristics of the Osom Professional hair dryer:
• Power: 1600 W.
• Voltage: 220-240V.
• Frequency: 50/60 Hz.
• Engine speed: 100,000 rpm.
• The integrated smart thermostatic technology allows you to dry your hair extremely quickly and efficiently without damaging it.
• Dimensions (without nozzles): 25 x 9.5 x 7.7 cm.
• Cold air function.
• The handle has an integrated motor.
• Adjustable air flow strength (3 modes).
• Adjustable air flow temperature (3 modes).
• Water ion generator: yes.
• Nozzles: concentration, diffusion.
• Color: red.

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