OSMO Effects Straighten Up3 Keratin Smoothing Complex 250ml

Three-day keratin complex for hair straightening


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    Osmo 3-Day Keratin Complex is an exclusive serum that straightens curls and promotes smooth hair from shampoo to shampoo. The emulsion does not weigh down and does not stick the strands, protects them from the negative effects of high temperatures of styling devices. The composition of the product includes natural substances and useful components: – keratin, – mineral oils. Keratin strengthens and restores the damaged structure of each hair, giving curls unique strength, smoothness and elasticity, and also helps protect against the harmful effects of environmental factors. Mineral oils seal split ends and prevent breakage, resulting in a well-groomed appearance and brilliant shine. The Osmo keratin complex is supplied in a convenient bottle with a dispenser. The pump allows you to evenly distribute the product and use it economically.
    How to use: Apply evenly to clean, shampooed hair without using conditioner. Comb thoroughly and blow-dry your hair.

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