OFFICINA DELLE ESSENZE diffuser Uva fragola 250 ml

OFFICINA DELLE ESSENZE diffuser Uva fragola 250 ml

Air freshener (strawberries, blackberries, bourbon vanilla)


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Officina Delle Essenze Uva Fragola fragrance sticks 500ml.

The sweet and fruity aroma of hairy vines reveals the full subtlety of sugar aromas and original exciting notes. The intertwined aromas of strawberry and blueberry create a taste of fruit that soon becomes a dessert.

Notes: red grapes, strawberries, blackberries, bourbon vanilla

Only the affected ripe red-haired berries dance boldly from the branch to the palm. The birds singing in high tones create a perfect harmony of earth and sky, among them grow berries that have absorbed the fullness of nature. A cocktail of blueberries, strawberries and Italian grapes makes the perfect sweet dessert, which after tasting the bourbon vanilla means that heaven is not too far away. UVA FRAGOLA will spread vital energy in the living room and dining room, easily blending into gatherings of friends at the dinner table or watching a weekend of movies.

The aromas of OFFICINA DELLE ESSENZE lead to the very heart of Italy, Rome, back in the 1950s. Maurizio Lembos dream started in a perfume shop belonging to the Lembo family. 2001 he founded the brand OFFICINA DELLE ESSENZE, which, driven by a great passion for authentic Italian style and quality, remains a symbol of excellence and luxury to this day. Carefully selected design details on the bottles and the ever-improving composition of the bouquet blend into the space of the home as a detail that complements the interior and awakens the senses.

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