OFFICINA DELLE ESSENZE diffuser Ambra 250 ml

OFFICINA DELLE ESSENZE diffuser Ambra 250 ml

Air freshener (Ambra, musk)


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Immerse yourself in the warm and seductive notes of the most traditional oriental fragrance. Ambergris, also known as Amber, is a precious and captivating scent that envelops you in a sense of enchanting sweetness, intense well-being and dreamy passion. Its rich and sensual aroma creates a real aphrodisiac atmosphere, reminiscent of a red sun setting on the horizon.

Ambra is the perfect fragrance for any living space or dining room. Whether placed on a cabinet, stove or bookshelf, this scent will fill your home with a luxurious and captivating aroma. Enjoy the fragrance while relaxing on the sofa, watching TV or chatting with friends in the living room. The elegant glass packaging with its exclusive design adds a touch of sophistication to your decor. The rattan sticks ensure a constant and gradual diffusion of the fragrance, filling the air with the warm and seductive scent of Ambergris.

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