Mizon Pore Fresh Clear Nose Pack 1psc

Mizon Pore Fresh Clear Nose Pack 1psc

Cleansing nose patch


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Cleansing nose patches are powerful at absorbing sebum. Thanks to natural ingredients, they moisturize and do not irritate the skin after use. Main components: Moroccan Ghassoul clay and white clay, which are part of the patches, remove blackheads and dead skin cells, and cactus flower extract tightens pores.
How to use: 1. After washing, apply some water to the skin. 2. Wipe your hands dry to prevent water from getting on the outside of the patch. Remove the transparent protective film. 3. Press the patch firmly against the nose, smooth side inward, from the back to the wings of the nose. 4. After 10-15 minutes, when the patch is completely dry, carefully remove it by pulling on the edge. 5. Wash off the rest of the patch with water.

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