Mizon Let Me Out Byebye Blackhead 3-Step Kit 35+35+35ml

Mizon Let Me Out Byebye Blackhead 3-Step Kit 35+35+35ml

3 step pore cleansing kit


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The 3-step anti-blackhead kit is a complete solution to combat blackheads. The set includes three products aimed at deep cleansing of pores, elimination of comedones, regulation of sebum production and reduction of pores. The products are applied sequentially, one after another: 1st step – opens the pores with a warming gel, 2nd step – cleanses the pores with a mask, 3rd step – tightens and closes the pores with a serum, disinfects and disinfects the skin surface, regulates the sebaceous glands, soothes the skin.
STEP 1. Warming Pore Opening Gel: Gently warms and opens pores to prepare for further cleansing. Contains zeolite – providing a warming effect and adsorbs impurities and harmful substances from the surface of the skin. Contains sea salt and walnut powder – exfoliating dead cells of the upper layer of the skin. Contains lemon extract, mandarin extract, yuzu extract – anti-inflammatory effect. It has a pleasant citrus aroma.
STEP 2. Pore Cleansing Charcoal Mask: The mask removes the contents of the pores, deeply cleansing them, removing sebum, keratin scales and impurities from the surface of the skin. The main active components of the mask are: charcoal, a complex of plant extracts, cuttlefish ink and cane sugar. The mask also moisturizes, nourishes and heals the skin in the process of using the mask. The milk protein in the mask moisturizes the skin and gives it elasticity, while the eggshell membrane extract mattifies and tightens the skin.
STEP 3. Pore Closing Serum: It has a cooling, soothing effect, tightens and closes pores, has an anti-inflammatory effect and regulates sebum secretion. Contains willow bark extract – tones the skin and has an astringent effect, tightens pores. Green tea extract and chamomile extract – soothe the skin, have an anti-inflammatory effect. Panthenol and allantoin – accelerate skin healing.
Mode of application:
STEP 1. After washing, on wet skin, apply the gel (tube labeled STEP 1) to problem areas (back and wings of the nose, forehead, chin). Massage for 1-2 minutes with gentle movements. Wash off with warm water. Dry your face.
STEP 2. Apply a thick layer of the mask (tube labeled STEP 2) to the cleansing area. Leave for 10-15 minutes for the mask to dry completely and turn into a film. Carefully peel off the mask, starting at the edges. Wash your face with warm water.
STEP 3. Apply the serum (tube labeled STEP 3) to the skin, distribute evenly with light patting movements. Let it soak.

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