Marence Freshwater Green Mud Bioactive 500g

Marence Freshwater Green Mud Bioactive 500g

Freshwater body mud


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For many centuries, freshwater mud has been successfully used in medicine and cosmetology. It has a pronounced antibacterial and antioxidant effect, and it has no side effects. Today, we highly appreciate the obvious effectiveness of this remedy, and freshwater mud extract is not equal here in terms of intensity of impact. Therefore, freshwater mud extracts are found in all of our products – both for the face and for body and hair care.
A high concentration of organic and biologically active substances allows beneficial ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin and act for a long time. Using a freshwater mud application or a mask, a double process takes place: the body absorbs the healing substances and at the same time releases toxins.
The effect of exposure to freshwater mud depends on its temperature. For example, warm mud improves blood circulation and promotes metabolism, while cold mud constricts blood vessels and slows down metabolism. The optimum temperature for mud applications is 35-38 degrees, before warming them in a water bath. Excessive heating of the mud reduces its effectiveness.

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