Lyapko 1997 Application Device Fecial-M Roller 3.5mm Ag (40x51mm)

Lyapko 1997 Application Device Fecial-M Roller 3.5mm Ag (40x51mm)

Application device Fecial-M Roller


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    Systematic facial massage using a mesoscope allows you to: Maintain and restore the oval shape of the face, Improve skin color and elasticity Eliminate wrinkles, reduce their number and reduce the depth, Improve skin tone and reduce fat deposits, Thanks to its convenient shape, the applicator is also gently used for medical purposes for application on sensitive and hard-to-reach places (neck, décolleté, intimate areas). This roller can also be used to treat large muscle groups (although it is less convenient than the universal Lyapko roller and the Lyapko Big roller), joints and limbs, feet and wrists. Instructions for using the Lyapko front roller This device is recommended to be used before applying cosmetics or massage creams – this enhances their effect. When treating, try to choose a pressure that is comfortable for the skin and does not cause pain. If skin areas appear that differ in color from the entire surface, additional processing of these areas is required. Duration of procedures: Stimulate, increase tone and health for 7-10 minutes; To reduce stress and sleeping pills for 10-15 minutes. Course duration: Standard course 1-2 weeks. 1 week break. 12 courses per year for cosmetic impact. In chronic diseases from 15 courses per year. Overdose is impossible! If the roller has a positive effect on your body, you can use it every day. Contraindications: All contraindications are relative and must be considered on an individual basis. The Lyapko applicator is not recommended for: Pustular skin diseases in places where application is planned; Acute skin diseases (dermatitis, eczema, herpes, etc.) Hirsutism (germination of male hair in women) Fungal diseases. Couperosis (vascular plaques and asterisks).
    Width: 40mm, diameter 51mm
    Pitch (distance between needles) – 3.5 mm Materials: base – medical rubber, needles – copper, zinc, iron, nickel, silver.

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