Locherber Milano Klinto 1817 Diffusore 250ml

Locherber Milano Klinto 1817 Diffusore 250ml

Aroma diffuser


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Aroma diffuser KLINTO 1817 in a gift box, sticks included.
A floral and fruity composition that creates a festive atmosphere in your home. The aroma of grapes, currants combined with delicious notes of raspberries and delicate violets.
Glass diffusers frame handmade wooden covers with the LOCHERBER MILANO logo.
Top notes: grape, blood orange, black currant, red currant.
Heart notes: truffle, raspberry, violet petals, honeysuckle
Loop notes: vanilla, cedar.
A fragrance for any space you desire. Including hotels, living rooms, restaurants, kitchen/dining rooms, cigar rooms, yacht showrooms and car dealerships, office spaces, boutiques and salons, barbershop.
Replaceable blocks (refills) are produced for diffusers, use them for refilling the fragrance, choose new sticks according to size and color.

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