Locherber Milano Azad Kashmere Home Fragrance Refill 250ml

Home fragrance supplement AZAD KASHMERE


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Adding Locherber home fragrances makes it possible to enjoy your favorite scent longer and easier. The transparent glass bottle and metal cap protect the quality of the scent and the wonderful aroma. The product contains alcohol.
Azad Kashmere preserves home comfort and warmth, soothes with familiar scents. Inspired by the majesty of snow-capped mountains and verdant valleys, the aroma creates security and resounding peace in the corner of every home.
Fragrance notes:
· Expressive bergamot infuses a distinctly sweet floral aroma;
· Moroccan jasmine and lily compete with characteristic and expressive scent chords;
· Iris and vanilla lubricate the floral notes with a creamy caramel aroma;
· Ebony and amber charm with sweet, spicy and even smoky spices;
· Musk and patchouli stand out as an easy to tame, warming and earthy leather and forest scent.
Locherber Milano knows that scents are like an essential foundation and at the same time a final accent that fills a space, creates memories and evokes emotions . The brand, grown by an Italian family, travels through as many as three generations, which, guided by Italian passion and Swiss precision, have preserved the traditional manufacturing principles and original vision to this day. Locherber Milano, which has been creating body and home fragrances for 40 years , takes into account the smallest details of the product, combining natural raw materials in each of them. The vision of Locherber Milano combines the styles of antique and modern Milan, which turn the fragrance bottles into a wonderful detail of the home interior.

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