Lisap Milano Top Care Repair Color Care After-Colour Acid Shampoo 250ml

Shampoo stabilizing hair color



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The color stabilizer restores the natural, physiological acid-base balance of the hair and scalp after dyeing, stops the chemical process of dyeing. The innovative formula is free of parabens, sodium laureth sulfate, sodium lauryl sulfate, silicone and dyes. Intensive restorative formula contains Color Care Complex, blueberry extract, A2 ceramides. Tightly closes the hair scales, which contributes to the long-term preservation of the intensity of the cosmetic color and shine of the hair.
How to use: after completing the dyeing procedure, wash off the remaining dye from the hair, then apply the required amount of the product to wet hair, emulsifying evenly distribute it over the entire length of the hair. Massage gently, rinse with plenty of warm water. Finish off with Top Care Repair color care PH balancer conditioner to restore the neutral pH of hair and scalp after coloring.

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