Lisap Milano Keraplant Nature Enezgizing Intensive Treatment 100ml

Intensive anti-hair loss lotion



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Intensive hair lotion, effectively stops the process of hair loss and promotes hair growth (cellular metabolism, oxygen supply and microcirculation) and regulates the secretion of the scalp. Contains a trichocomplex containing soy sulfopeptides, amino acids (tyrosine, arginine, ornithine, citrulline), amino sugars and vitamin B (PP, B5, biotin), zinc salts, ginseng and bile extract. Provides vitamins for hair, makes them healthy, thick and shiny.
Application: Apply to dry or damp hair after washing with Keraplant shampoo. Apply 20-25 drops and gently massage the scalp with a dropper. Dont scratch. Without parabens and dyes. Natural certified fragrances.

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