Lisap Milano Keraplant Nature Dermo-Calming Skin-Calming Lotion 150ml

Lisap Milano Keraplant Nature Dermo-Calming Skin-Calming Lotion 150ml

Soothing lotion for sensitive scalp


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    Soothing lotion for sensitive scalp, soothes irritation and reduces scalp sensitivity due to the content of alpha-bisobolol, zanthoxylum and phytocomplex. It has a light refreshing complex. For severely reddened skin, use a complex of dermo-soothing detox mask and dermo-soothing essential oil, this will provide a targeted gentle cleansing while soothing an irritated scalp. Dermo-soothing complex for reddened sensitized skin. Designed to restore the softness and elasticity of skin tissues, especially sensitive, quickly reddening, dehydrated skin. Contains certified natural fragrances, as well as: alpha-bisabolol, winged zantoxylum, phytocomplex.
    Procedure: Mix 30 gr. dermo-soothing white clay detox mask and 15-20 drops of dermo-soothing essential oil for sensitive scalp. Distribute over dry scalp with gentle massaging movements. Leave for 5-10 min. Massage with wet fingertips to remove dirt, emulsify gently with warm water and rinse thoroughly. After the exposure time, rinse hair with Keraplant Nature Dermo-Soothing Shampoo for Sensitive Scalp and proceed to the final step by soothing the skin with Keraplant Nature Dermo-Soothing Lotion for Sensitive Scalp.

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