Layla Cosmetics LaylaCrygel Hybrid Polygel System Clear Trasparente 30g

New generation nail gel, transparent


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    Gel without impurities. Ideal for covering the natural nail or for reconstruction. Recovery will never be the same again. It replaces methods already on the market, guaranteeing technical and visual satisfaction. Its firm and rich consistency will give you confidence in precise application. You will be able to fully enjoy your work, because for the first time the product will do only what you want. There will be no more problems with applying funds to the cuticle. LAYLACRYGEL does not attack the cuticle and the product that comes into contact with the skin will be very easy to remove before curing. With LAYLACRYGEL you will have strong nails and a technically perfect reconstruction from the first applications. A dream for all nail technicians. A revolution in the world of nail restoration. You will control the gel, not the other way around. For the first time, you can work on five nails at the same time without the gel dripping onto your cuticles.

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