K18 Biomimetic Hairscience Hair Mask150ml

K18 Biomimetic Hairscience Hair Mask150ml

Rebalancing Shampoo


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A cleansing shampoo microdosed with the patented K18PEPTIDE™. The powerful yet non-stripping formula is designed with an optimized pH that is safe enough for everyday use.
Cleanses while smoothing the hair surface: Effective yet safe cleansers break down and remove dirt + oil for optimal nourishment and manageability.
Designed for daily use: pH-balanced formula doesn’t disrupt the hair fiber or scalp environment and is safe to use daily if needed.
Creates the ideal foundation for healthy hair: This formula was engineered to create an optimal clean canvas without any fillers to coat or disrupt the hair and scalp equilibrium.
Key Benefits: Less-is-more formulation delivers a superior clean without compromise
PEPTIDE PREP™ category was engineered to create the cleanest canvas for a healthy hair base, making every K18 application a hair-health changing experience.

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