Inebrya Blondesse No-Yellow Mask 1000ml

Inebrya Blondesse No-Yellow Mask 1000ml

Mask for removing yellow pigment from hair


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    The effective formula contains microparticles of the violet-silver spectrum, which actively penetrate the structure of the strands and displace the natural pigment from them, which contributes to the formation of unwanted yellowness. Thanks to them, the hair will retain the purity of its shade and delightful shine for a long period of time. In addition, the cosmetic product contributes to the active restoration of curls damaged after staining. It fills voids, smoothes fluffy scales and seals split ends. The mask intensively moisturizes, deeply nourishes and gently softens curls. It saturates the strands with vitality and helps them gain silky smoothness. How to use: Apply the mask to damp, clean hair. Distribute evenly over the entire length. Holding time up to 3 minutes. The longer the exposure time, the colder the shade will turn out on the hair. Wash off with water.

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