IncaRose Extra Pure Hyaluronic BB Clear SPF25 Anti-Taches Hydratant Medium 30ml

Anti-aging, moisturizing facial treatment with SPF 25


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IncaRose Extra Pure Hyaluronic BB Clear SPF25 Anti-Taches Hydratant Medium 30ml
BB CLEAR was created to reduce blemishes and is the ultimate anti-aging, hydrating skin treatment with SPF 25. BB CLEAR is an extraordinarily lightweight product with multiple features: brightens, protects, tints, mattifies, evens out complexion. and reduces wrinkles. Thanks to the encapsulated pigments present in the composition, it adapts to the skin tone, masks minor imperfections and gives the face an incomparable natural look. The brightening agents present help to minimize the appearance of blemishes on the skin. Enriched with two high and low molecular weight hydrating hyaluronic acids for soft, radiant & smooth skin. Available in Light for medium fair skin and Medium for medium dark skin. FUNCTIONAL PRINCIPLES INTRODUCED Neurolight®: An extract of Pancratium Maritimum that has a depigmenting effect on the skin by acting on the level of cellular stress. Locally inhibits the formation of melanin, reducing the surface and color intensity of age spots on the skin Actiwhite®: pea plant extract containing a fatty acid ester derived from sucrose; acts by inhibiting melanosome maturation and tyrosinase activity: the result is a tonal reduction in color and blemishes on the skin High molecular weight hyaluronic acid: forms an invisible film on the skin, guaranteeing hydration and protection against damage caused by light and external factors responsible for skin aging. Makes the skin moisturized, smooth and supple Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid: penetrates into the deepest layers of the skin, giving it moisture. Improves skin elasticity with an effective anti-wrinkle effect.

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