ICONFIT Protein Muesli Chocolate 1000g

ICONFIT Protein Muesli Chocolate 1000g

Breakfast muesli with chocolate


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Healthy and tasty muesli for breakfast, just add milk. These mueslis have a balanced composition of nutrients, about 30% protein, a high content of dietary fiber and a lot of minerals. Suitable for the whole family.
Healthy and balanced breakfast for the whole family. The required amount of proteins, dietary fiber and collagen. Simple, quick and healthy breakfast. Just add regular or plant-based milk and enjoy.
A lot of protein (about 30%) and dietary fiber, satisfying and tasty. Not an ounce of added sugar. 100 g of muesli with 200 ml of milk is a little over 400 kcal. For everyone who wants to eat right and lose weight. Also suitable for healthy diets. Designed and manufactured in Estonia.

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