Guam IntHenso Burro Nutriente Mani 50ml

Nourishing Hand Cream with Shea Butter


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SOS-means for daily hand skin care with a pronounced effect of eliminating dryness, tightness, peeling, cracks. The optimal concentration of urea in the composition of the cream provides intense deep hydration, as well as evening out skin tone, reducing uneven pigmentation, due to its ability to initiate the process of invisible exfoliation. The complex effect of organic shea and avocado oils allows you to instantly smooth the skin, restoring its firmness, elasticity and eliminating flabbiness. The composition of the cream is enriched with a balanced cocktail of three types of seaweed, which perfectly moisturizes the skin, promotes rapid restoration of the skin, gives a feeling of silkiness and smoothness. The cream is recommended to be applied on the hands, as well as on the area of the nail bed, the saturation of which with valuable vegetable oils and urea strengthens the structure of the nail, stimulates its growth, eliminates the problem with burrs and dry, unkempt cuticles. A nice bonus is the mobility of the cream! Its miniature size allows you to comfortably fit in any handbag or cosmetic bag and be at hand at any time.

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