Guam Fanghi dAlga Trattamento Anticellulite Mask for Sensitive Skin 500g

Anti-cellulite mask for sensitive skin with fragile capillaries


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    The anti-cellulite mask contains the innovative Glicoxantine lipolytic complex with dual action: reduces local fat deposits and eliminates cellulite. Thanks to the active ingredients, it has an antioxidant effect, enhances microcirculation, promotes the removal of intercellular fluid, tightens and evens out the skin relief. Strengthens blood vessels and provides long-lasting hydration of the skin. Ideal for sensitive skin with problems with blood vessels on the legs.
    Active ingredients: Glicoxantine anti-cellulite complex (caffeine, theofelin, theobramine), hydrolyzed glycosamenoglycans, dropsy black juice.
    Application: Mix thoroughly, apply with light massage movements to problem areas, wrap with a film and leave to act for 45 minutes, rinse with water. Finish with DUO Anti-Swelling Foot Gel with cooling effect.

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