Guam Fanghi dAlga Crema Gel Tormalina Raggi Infrarossi Lontani Fir 200ml

Firming Cream-Gel with Tourmaline


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Tightening anti-cellulite cream-gel with seaweed and black tourmaline. It is especially recommended for use after wrapping procedures using any GUAM anti-cellulite and modeling masks. It can also be used alone as a prophylactic. Effectively tightens the skin, refreshes and soothes it after the wrapping procedure, improves firmness and elasticity. It has a high penetrating power and is easily absorbed. Contains highly active seaweed and micronized Black Tourmaline, which work together to deliver superior results. Active ingredients: glyceric seaweed extract, pink clay, black tourmaline. APPLICATION: Apply to problem areas and massage until completely absorbed. It is recommended to use immediately after wrapping, as well as on the days between wrapping procedures. For preventive use, daily use is recommended.

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