Guam Fanghi dAlga Con Alga Artica Freddo Intenso 500g

Anti-cellulite mask Frosty Arctic



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Anti-cellulite mask with intense cooling effect – Innovative procedure ALGAE CRYOSAUNA. Professional wrap for salon and home use. Helps to reduce all manifestations of cellulite even in its advanced stages (stages 1,2,3), as well as reduce the level of body fat in problem areas: thighs, buttocks, arms. The anti-cellulite, modeling and lipolytic activity of GUAM algae is spurred by the intense effect of frosty freshness, which is created on the surface of the skin due to the cooling complex Frosty Arctic in the composition of the product, providing a salon effect of cryosauna when interacting with the skin. MASK EXPOSURE – up to 35 minutes.

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