Germaine de Capuccini Timexpert Lift (IN) Vector Lift Firmness Serum 50ml

Face lifting serum


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    Serum for the face. Not just a lift. A real gem of anti-aging technology. Concentrate with intensive action aimed at increasing elasticity and giving definition to contours. Doesnt feel tight. Restores the supporting structure, restores volume to its original places and emphasizes the contours. More rich and nourishing than regular whey. The agent is automatically drawn into the pipette after the lid is completely closed (when the button is lowered).
    Result: The skin regains flexibility and resistance. Its density increases. Wrinkles and mimic lines become less noticeable. The fabrics are lifted. Improves skin elasticity. The contour of the face begins to tighten naturally: the jaw profile becomes clearer, and the cheekbones regain volume. Pores become less visible. They narrow, the granularity of the skin decreases, the skin becomes matte.

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