EchosLine S6 Anti-Yellow Shampoo 350ml

EchosLine S6 Anti-Yellow Shampoo 350ml

Shampoo against yellowness, for gray and bleached hair


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Lightened curls are beautiful, but a little moody. They require care and a special approach, because they often lose their luster and become yellow over time. A properly selected shampoo will help prevent this unwanted process, which protects the color and has a beneficial effect on colored strands. The unique Anti-Yellow S6 Shampoo is specifically designed to combat yellowness and is designed for bleached and gray hair. Professional shampoo is enriched with natural ingredients, in particular, it contains grape extract, due to which it neutralizes the effect of yellowness, gives curls shine and a stable silver tint. This tool gently cleanses your strands, saturating them with useful vitamins, moisturizing and strengthening.

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