EchosLine S3 Energizing Shampoo 350ml

EchosLine S3 Energizing Shampoo 350ml

Strengthening shampoo against hair loss


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    Thin hair is a common problem, but it’s possible to fight with your genetics or just seasonal changes. Proper nourishment and strengthening of the hair can help your hair stay longer on your head. And that’s exactly what any cosmetologist will suggest you do, if you want your hair to be beautiful and luscious.

    It’s easy to restore the shine and health, and also get rid of the frizziness with EchosLine S3 invigorating shampoo. Shampoo was specially designed to strengthen weakened and thinned out hair, as well as the scalp. This unique product is enriched with herbal extracts, strengthening microelements and highly effective plant proteins. The best results will be achieved on thinning and weak hair and maximum results can be achieved in combination with the use of special T3 anti hair loss ampoules.

    Application: Apply to damp hair, massage it in and lather up. Rinse off. Complete the procedure with EchosLine T3 lotion.

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