EchosLine Karbon 9 Charcoal Mask 300ml

EchosLine Karbon 9 Charcoal Mask 300ml

Activated Charcoal Hair Mask


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The professional Italian mask with activated carbon Echosline Seliar Karbon 9 Mask will take care of the effective care of damaged and prone to excessive oily hair, ridding them of accumulated toxins and prolonging the fresh look of the hairstyle. In addition to absorbent components, the product contains a complex of phytoextracts, the active substances of which penetrate the hair structure and saturate it with life-giving microelements. The mask provides a detoxifying effect, restores the damaged structure of the strands, has a softening, toning and optimally moisturizing effect, relieving hair from brittleness, dullness and dry ends. The active ingredients of the product have a conditioning property, so they make the strands more manageable, smooth and pliable for styling.

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