DSD de Luxe Hair Loss Treatment 3.4.5B SCIENCE-7 de Luxe Essential Oils 35ml

Lotion to stimulate hair growth


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The lotion contains base and essential oils. Jojoba oil gives hair shine and softens it, has a regenerating and anti-inflammatory effect. Grape seed oil has softening and moisturizing properties. Lavender essential oil promotes hair growth and accelerates wound healing, helps strengthen and restore hair; Regulates sebum production and controls dandruff. Thyme essential oil is very effective in promoting hair growth and preventing hair loss. Cedar essential oil stops hair loss, especially when it is associated with stress. This is a great aromatherapy essential oil that balances the oiliness of the scalp and helps with dandruff. Rosemary essential oil reduces oil secretion, prevents dandruff and stimulates hair growth. Science -7 de Luxe essential oils are recommended for the treatment of patchy hair loss.

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