DAVID MALLETT Le Volume Volumising Shampoo No.2 250ml

Volumizing and elastic hair shampoo No.2


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Celebrity stylist David Mallett developed his hair care line with the motto, only add whats really necessary – leaving out fragrances and all aggressive chemicals so each product is as effective as possible.
In contrast to conventional shampoos, David Mallett Shampoo No.2: Le Volume does not contain silicones or other substances that weigh hair down. Hair is left invigorated after every wash, shines with vitality and has a firm hold. And once dried, the bouncy-hair effect is as good as guaranteed.
Infused with the Japanese red algae – nori, Shampoo No.2: Le Volume is rich in proteins, vitamins A, B and C and trace elements. The unique formula of Shampoo No.2: Le Volume also includes particularly mild surfactants with a reduced soap content and no aggressive chemicals. As a result, it is also ideal for use on sensitive or allergic scalps.

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