Dancoly Angel En Provence Rosemary Hair Activating Shampoo 800ml

Grapefruit Straightening Shampoo


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Straightening Shampoo with Grapefruit Extract Contains grapefruit extract, hydrolyzed wheat protein and ginkgo extract, enriched with valuable natural vitamin P, contains vitamin C and soluble fibers. Restores hair, its natural pH balance. Hair becomes smooth and straight. Angel Provence is 85% natural ingredients for the health and beauty of your hair. Products do not contain lauryl sulfate, mineral oil, paraffin, petroleum jelly, propylene glycol. The line with Grapefruit extract is filled with valuable natural vitamin P, rich in vitamin C, makes hair smooth and straight, giving it a natural shine.
How to use: Apply 5-10 ml of shampoo to wet hair, lather, then rinse thoroughly.

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