Dancoly Angel En Provence Orange Flower Shining Color Shampoo 800ml

Shampoo for colored hair with orange flower


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Formulated with natural ingredients and a special protein factor, this gentle shampoo has been professionally formulated to prevent rapid loss of pigment in color-treated hair and maintain its new color for longer. Protects hair from the damage caused by the sun and water, leaving it soft, vibrant and shiny. The line with orange flower extract deeply restores hair damaged after dyeing, makes hair lively and elastic. Protects colored hair from sun and water damage. The products contain orange blossom oil and fragrant pelargonium extract, which allows the formation of a protective membrane and ensures the fixation of coloring pigments. The result of using the product is shiny, elastic hair that retains color for a long time after the dyeing procedure. Also, the product protects the hair from exposure to sunlight and hard water, making it soft and vibrant.

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