BIKOR Egyptische Erde Face Powder 14g

BIKOR Egyptische Erde Face Powder 14g

Face powder for all face types


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    Egyptische Erde – Egyptian Earth by professional brand Bikor is a great cosmetic for women of all skin types. The product comes from limited edition. Cosmetics can be applied on face even in nine layers. The first layer will gently smooth out color of skin. Each one gradually darkens skin, creating naturally looking tan. Egyptian earth is both a cosmetic and a beauty product.

    In its rich composition we will find:

    Hyaluronic acid hydrolyzate – a substance with strong moisturizing and water retaining properties. Hyaluronic acid creates invisible coating that protects skin from excessive water loss.
    Vitamin E ester – has strong antioxidant properties, inhibits skin aging and reduces inflammation. In addition, vitamin E is also attributed to softening and improving condition of skin.
    Shea butter – softens and soothes skin, as well as prevents wrinkles formation. Shea Butter also creates natural UVB protection.
    Jojoba oil – provides high nutritive, nourishing, softening and moisturizing properties. Also helpful in treatment of any skin irritations. Can be used by people with sensitive skin.
    Egyptische Erde does not contain parabens. To apply the cosmetic on face use large powder brush. The excess product should be brushed off with hand and then applied with circular motions to any part of face, neck or cleavage. With proper pigmentation and consistency, working with the product will be easy even for beginners. Perfectly suits both summer and winter, giving the delicate tan of our skin. In summer, it will emphasize natural color of complexion, while in winter it will be perfect solution for evening outings, will add golden shimmer and healthy appearance.

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