BES Ginseng Active Lotion 12x10ml

Lotion for hair loss prevention


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    We see a lot of magical solutions for hair loss. Shampoos, conditioners, masks. Sometimes a shampoo or a conditioner is too weak to deal with a progressive hair loss. Sometimes we need something strong that can effectively put a stop to those stubborn, falling out hairs. The problem of hair loss lies in the roots of weakened hairs. With weak roots your hair growth slows down, it loses its healthy appearance, fading into the background of your looks. BES Ginseng shampoo alone cant help you, but with BES Ginseng lotion, it can prevent premature fallout, strengthens the bulb, returns the shine, beauty and health to the hair. Help stimulate your hair growth with this amazing ginseng extract lotion. It contains bunch of vitamins that helps nourishing the hair and helps getting it back to its correct growth cycle. Application: Wash hair with Ginseng shampoo. Rinse and then towel dry. Gradually apply the product until the whole ampoule has been emptied. An ampoule 2-3 times a week for 4-6 weeks. Start a massage: WITH YOUR FINGERTIPS, PUSH THE SKIN OF THE SCALP FROM BACK TO THE FRONT; With vibrating movements push your fingers from temple to the crown; Put your hands on your forehead and let your hands slide to the back of your head.

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