ANTOINE detergent Classic 750 ml

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Classic detergent is intended for those looking for a gentle, safe, but special smell.

The scent of Classic is decisive and modern. Here, the essence of cedar blends with creamy sandalwood, and crystalline amber blends with soft musk. It is a universal fragrance suitable for men and women.

Exclusivity intertwined with cleanliness and luxurious perfume. These are unique detergents produced in France, and the raw materials used for them can be found in the highest level of perfumery. The goal of the creators of the line is for the body and clothes to smell the same.

Triple concentration detergent and formula specially designed by Antoine.
1 cup (20 ml) is enough to wash 10 shirts or 3 kg of clothes.
250 ml. the detergent is enough for about twelve washes.
The quality of the detergent guarantees long-lasting fragrance on dry laundry.
If you want to avoid unwanted mixing of two different scents, we recommend using products with the same scent (detergent + fabric softener).

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